Monday, May 28, 2007

Otro Quizz....

"Porque nadie es perfecto....
quiero ser excepcional"
--Erika G.

How will you die? O______o (Pictures)

Lethal InjectionDon't do anything bad for a few days...weeks....months.Your sitting in your cell from a crime that was entirely your fault. As you sit on the bed watching your prison mates walk up and down the aisles fo the millions of cells, A man calls your name. You repond with a yes and he walks over to your cell. He checks a list in his hand and opens your cell with a key. You get up and stand beside the officer, twisting your hands together nervously. The man yells to another guard "Lethal Injection," then points to you. You looked surprised then slowly tilt your head as the other cell members watch your walk to your death. You and the guard are walking down the hallway until you come to a door. The guard unlocks the door and pushes you inside. A bed was in the room with a tray of needles on it. You sit on the bed and the guard closes and locks the door. Two men come out of another door in the room and chains our hands and feet to the bed. A man fills one of the needles with a white substance and squirts a bit in the air. He looks at you and smiles. You begin to squirm as the needle get closer toward you. He bends down and jamms the needle in your neck. You feel a small sting then nothing...
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