Sunday, August 26, 2007

Greetings to all Jamaican community!!!!!

"El dolor, cuando es por dentro,
es más fuerte: no se alivia con
decírselo a la gente..."
--Alejandro Sanz

Hello, I am very happy to know that four important artists, representatives of reggae culture, are involved in a very outstanding project like “The Reggae Compassionate Act”. This sets the example to all governments and people who think they cannot do anything to improve the quality of human relationships. Moreover, I think this is the first step towards important changes in the lyrics of many songs that belong to aggressive musical genres like hip-hop and reggaeton. Not only homosexual community has the right to speak up against racist or discriminatory lyrics. We, women in general, no matter our sexual preference, don’t agree with artists who portrays women as sexual objects or merely as “hot sex and lust gals” looking for any man who be able to “cool down” their appetites. I know, for example, that some musical subgenres like dancehall have as their main characteristic the use of a strong language, however, it is possible to write and sing about other topics too, not just sex: consequences of violence, the political situation, economic problems, and so on. An example can be the song “Never Gonna Be the Same” by Sean Paul, but there are other songs with spiritual content that have had a great impact on young and old people.

I want to congratulate and show my respect to Beenie Man, Sizzla, Capleton and Buju Baton, to all of them thank you!!!!

On the other hand, I want to send all my moral support and love to all the people in Kingston who resulted affected by Hurricane Dean. I Hope all the necessary aid and support be provided to all of you. My best wishes and regards from Mexico….”Keep burning up all the flame”

Para aquellos que no saben de qué se trata el “Reggae Compassionate Act”, hagan click en el link para tener acceso a una versión traducida al español.

If you want to read the Act in English, please click here.

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