Friday, August 24, 2007

Thinking of you...

"El dolor, cuando es por dentro,
es más fuerte: no se alivia con
decírselo a la gente..."
--Alejandro Sanz

It is rainning outside. I dunno why but I feel a little sweet, a little... corny? Ich weiB nicht. I think I am in a romantic state of mind, but who cares?....well I do care. Nostalgia is staying at my heart.

I've been thinkin' of you, and dreaming of you. You know who YOU are. I miss your letters and your phone calls. I miss our chats and our coffee times. I miss everything from you. Your smile and your "unwelcomed comments", haha.

I've tried to avoid it, but the truth cannot be hidden: me love you. It was hard to realize that but it's a fact.

I suppose you already knew't or at least had your suspicions. Your behaviour said everything. I wanted to cheat on myself saying "it ain't true", but it didn't work.

Why doncha write me anymore? Me needs your words and your voice, and your eyes and your mind. I am the queen of silences, but please don't apply it to me. Don't hurt me with those absences. I cannot have you, of that I'm certain. You ain't as free as I would like you to be, and probably you don't love me the way I do. Of that I'm certain too. I just ask you a little bit of patience, understanding and friendship....that's all. We cannot be something else...because I am not stupid, I don't look fi impossibles. I know myself and the world, I am well acquainted with the horrors of society, and I know that an oath is an oath. Responsibility is a heavy word to be taken inna action. But me know you can perform it. Just don't ne'er forget you've got a person who loves you, here in M., here everywhere.

However, never forget sth. else: I don't like going behind you people beggin' for sth. I am not masoquist. Me likes not beggin'. I can get tired soon of your game if you don't talk right and straight away.

hugs and sighs

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